Honey is a symbol of health, longevity and youth. It is a rare gift of nature and rightly so, bees and honey are placed at the top of human appreciation.

 Melissovounos Honey combines tradition with quality and is characterized by a huge variety of flowers and forest plants, a unique feature of our island. Our Honey is rich in sugars that are easily absorbed by the body, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and valuable trace elements. Melissovounos Honey IS A NUTRITIONAL SOURCE OF ENERGY.

Honey is a nutritional treasure that should not be missing from any home and belongs to the foods that need to be in our diets. It is rich in nutrients, aroma and taste.

Energy: 1272kj (304kcal)

Carbohydrates: 82.4g

Sugars: 0.2g

Fiber: 0.2g

Fat: 0g

Proteins: 0.3g

Water: 17.1g

Riboflavin: 0.038mg (3%)

Niacin: 0.121mg (1%)

Pantothenic acid: 0.068mg (1%)

Vitamin: 0.024mg (2%)

Folic acid: 2mg (1%)

Vitamin C: 0.5 mg (1%)

Calcium: 6 mg (1%)

Iron: 0.42mg (3%)

Magnesium: 2 mg (1%)

Phosphorus: 4 mg (1%)

Potassium: 52 mg (1%)

Sodium: 4 mg (01%)

Zinc: 0.22 mg (2%)