Honey. A real treasure of health and power. Bees gather nectar for several flowers that convert to honey. At first they gather it for their own feed into a dense liquid and after they store it to their honeycombs. It is about en pure natural product with varied taste and texture, depended from the type of flowers that has come from.

Honey is a marvelous natural remedy. Thanks to its unique composition, it provides strength and energy to the body, regulates metabolism and shields physical and mental health. It gives energy to muscles, clarity in the mind, disinfects and regulates the digestive system. Its regular use gives vigor to the body and contributes to prolonging life. It is recommended for all diets and people of all ages.

Cypriot Honey Melissovounos: Melissovounos Honey bears the mark of Cypriot Honey. More specifically, it comes exclusively from nectar of Cypriot flowers, and this is ensured under strict controls. The mark indicates that the honeys bearing it, apart from being 100% Cypriot, have not been processed or pasteurized and retain their natural ingredients unchanged.

We as conscientious citizens confirm that we observe and follow all good beekeeping practices. We follow all the regulations in beekeeping and the strict instructions given by the EU. Our Honey is genuine, unchanged keeping all the nutrients and undoubtedly 100% Cypriot. Our primary goal is the production of genuine Cypriot honey. With perfect organization and all the necessary tools we guarantee the excellent production of our product.